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We will review your situation and will advise on several option on how to immigrate to Canada.

Temporary Visa

Temporary status as:
- Study visa
- Visitor visa
- Work permit


Immigration categories:
- Independent Skilled Worker
- Business Immigration
- Family Class Immigration


Refugees are people in need of protection as defined by the Geneva Convention.

Welcome to the Law Offices of Aleksei Grachev,
A Canadian Immigration Law firm in Toronto

My law firm provides personalized, professional and competent service for people planning to immigrate to Canada either as permanent or temporary resident.
I am a licensed Canadian Immigration lawyer who graduated  from the oldest law school in Canada.
I have been practicing immigration law since 1998 and my clients come from different backgrounds, countries and continents including Europe, Asia, West Africa and Latin America.
I solve problems that others often can’t.
I guarantee to be there for you personally whenever you have a problem question.
My immigration clients are given my direct mobile phone number where they can reach me with their problems at any time.
I give all my clients the same amount of attention.
My employees come from many different backgrounds and speak Spanish,Vietnamese, Russian, Tagalog, Ukrainian, Hebrew and many other languages and because they are new Canadians will be able to easily relate to you and your situation.